The Human Spirit.

Pastoral Prayer 1/23/11
Second Sunday after Epiphany Year A

The human spirit is a sliver of the God’s whole creation.  When the broken pieces meet, the healing begins.  Let us be open to the urging of our human spirit to meet God’s Holy Spirit.

Radiant God, who is light itself, You have raised up great leaders and kings from shepherds and slaves that they would have influence and power to better serve Your plan for Your people.  You have granted wisdom and honor to fishermen that their words would be studied, taught, learned and shared from generation to generation.  From the most humble of beginnings, You have raised up our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are in awe of the mighty work of Your hands.

Too long we have hidden from Your light afraid of the opinions and beliefs of others.  Too long we have cowered in the shadows, reluctant to confess our faith.  Too long we have avoided the very people You have called us to serve and refused to build bridges across our differences.  Help us see the parts of us that need change so we are able to experience Your joy and peace.  God, turn our lives around save us from ourselves.

Let Your radiance blind us to the commitments and responsibilities that are not in Your plan for our lives.  The human spirit is free, creative, tenacious, ingenious and gregarious… and yet, wanders like a lost and lonely orphan.  Celebrity, wealth and fame without purpose are devoid of joy, peace and comfort.  Free us from the everyday pursuits and meaningless issues that cause division, stress and anguish.  Grant us the courage to cast out all fear of moving in new directions.  Call us from our daily ruts to new lives of radical righteousness.  We want to abandon the boats and nets to follow Jesus.  We are ready for THE PRAYER OF JABEZ “Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me and that You would keep me from evil and that I may not cause pain.”

We pray for the needs of all those present here and those we carry in our hearts.  In Jesus name, we claim our prayers as answered, praise and thank You.  Those in need will be healed in mind, body and spirit; none will go hungry, all will find fulfillment of purpose and peace.  To Your glory, we pray.  Amen.


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